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Support basketball programming in Skagit Valley

Honoring the life and memory of Trey Schweigert

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"One bit of kindness or inspiration can go a long way and eventually make a world of difference." -Trey Schweigert

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The T-3 Memorial Fund honors the life and memory of Trey Schweigert. Donations to the T-3 Memorial support basketball programming at the YMCA: funding scholarships for youth and families facing financial barriers, paying for court/equipment upkeep, and any other essential needs to maintain a robust YMCA basketball program.

About Trey Schweigert:

Trey’s joyful, charismatic personality brought immeasurable love, light, and laughter to all who knew him. He embraced life with arms wide open, and lived life to the fullest each and every day. He sought to promote love, inspiration, and kindness and to leave this world a better place because he was here. We honor Trey’s legacy by supporting his life philosophy through the T-3 memorial fund. Trey was an avid basketball player throughout his life, participating locally in basketball programs through the YMCA, S.W.I.S.H, AAU, NBC Camps, Immaculate Conception Regional School, Mount Vernon High School, and Skagit County Parks and Rec.

Trey’s life was tragically taken after unknowingly ingesting a fake prescription pain pill while recovering from recent orthopedic surgery and a torn tendon. The T-3 Memorial Fund promotes drug education and awareness and “skills over pills” messaging within its efforts. The fentanyl crisis is devastating families across our communities, state, and nation. We hope to bring awareness about current threats, the dangers of drug dealers on social media, and the importance of only ever taking medications that have been obtained from your doctor or pharmacy.

Please see these additional resources for information regarding the fentanyl crisis:

Prefer to donate by check or cash? Mail your gift or stop by our facility at 1901 Hoag Road, Mount Vernon, WA 98273. If mailing, please address your gift to:

Skagit Valley Family YMCA
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